Ultimate Guide to Finger Monkeys Feeding Schedule & Diet

Feeding and providing basic care for a finger monkey is not difficult. It is identical to caring for any other pet. But the diet and feeding schedule of a finger monkey are significantly distinct. Below you will find a list of items that can be fed to your finger monkey, as well as those that should be avoided.

Marmoset Feeding Schedule

You can either feed your finger monkey twice per day or once per day. Before 9:00 am in the morning or before 6:00 pm in the evening. It is recommended to cut all meals into little pieces to facilitate chewing.

Some babies consume more food than others. It is essential to monitor if your infant consumes more or less food. When your infant is full, they will often turn their heads away when you attempt to feed them. When this occurs, forcing them will cause them to vomit, which will result in choking. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Marmoset Diet In Captivity

You can see a detailed feeding schedule example for your pet monkey HERE.

  • Protein-Rich Choices
ASPARAGUSBroccoliBrussels sprouts
COTTAGE CHEESECrabmeat*Crickets
EGGS-BOILED /SCRAMBLEDFish (deboned baked or broiled)Grasshoppers
GREEK YOGURTGreen Peas*Insectivore Fare
*MARMOSET CANNED DIET*Marmoset Jelly*Marmoset Protein Diet
*MONKEY BISCUITSMonkey Chicken Crackers*Monkey Chow
*NUTS AND SEEDSOats*Pumpkin Seeds
SALMONShrimp (boiled)Super Greens
TOFUTurkey*Wax, Super Worms & Mealworm

Important Note: All meats and fish are not to be fried. You should boil them. Never feed your finger monkey with any Junk Food, Grapes, Chocolate, or Gum.

  • Vegetables 
ASPARAGUSBeetsBroccoli (Spears & Sprouts)
BRUSSELS SPROUTSCarrotsCauliflower
CELERYCollard GreensCorn (yellow)
CUCUMBERGreen Beans (Snap Beans)Mushrooms
MUSTARD GREENSMustard SpinachOkra Peas (Green)
PEPPERS (SWEET)Potatoes (Sweet) CookedPumpkin
SQUASHSweet Potato cooked (Yams)Tomatoes (Green & Red)

The list isn’t complete. You can feed them with the healthier fruits you purchase for your family. The more fruits and veggies you introduce to your babies at an earlier age the better. Be sure to chop them into bite-size pieces. Your baby will be healthier when you feed them a wide variety of fruits.

  • Fruits 
CHERRIES (SWEET)CoconutCranberries
FIGSGrapesGrapefruit (do not feed every day)
PAPAYAPassion Fruit (Purple)Peach
  • Treats

You shouldn’t make treats part of their daily diet and you shouldn’t give them too many so they’ll still eat their regular diet. Below is a list of treats.

BANANA CHIPSBerry Good MixBlueberries
CANTALOUPECarob DropsCarrots
CRITTER CHARMSFruit CrunchiesFruit Delight
GRAB -N- GOHugs N KissesKiwi
MELLOW PUFFSMonkey BallsMonkey Feast
MONKEY MIXMonkey MorselsMonkey Munch
PAPAYAPeanut BuggersPeanut Butter Drops
PEANUTS IN A SHELLPineapplePumpkin Seeds
RAINBOW SOFTIESSnack AttackSoybean Supreme
STRAWBERRY YOGURT RAISINSSugar Cane SticksSunflower Seeds
TRAIL MIXTrixTropical Fruit Snack Pack
VEGGIE CHIPSVeggie CrunchiesVeggie Vittles
YOGURT DROPSYogurt RaisinsYogurt Snax
  • General Foods
*ACACIA GUMApplesauce (unsweetened)Baby cereal
PASTARiceShelled Sunflower seeds (in small amounts)
YOGURT (GREEK, ACTIVIA)100% Fruit Juice (diluted)
  • Things you should keep your monkey away from
ONIONS (ONION POWDER)Pitts (avocado, cherry, peach, etc.)
CATS (CAT SCRATCH FEVER)Anyone sick or with a cold sore
AVOID KISSING YOUR MONKEY (HARDER THAN IT SOUNDS)Anything that’s been in your mouth

When allowing people to touch your baby, use caution. Consider the analogy of bringing a newborn home from the hospital. Allow only trustworthy family members and close friends to hold or touch your child. You believe them when they say, “I shouldn’t hold/touch your monkey today because I’m not feeling well” or “I believe I’m developing a cold sore, therefore I should keep away.” You may trust that they would understand if your monkey became playful and scratched or nipped them.

Monkey Diet: What Do Pygmy Marmosets Consume in the Wild?

Pygmy marmosets, when living in the wild, are almost entirely dependent on the gums and saps, also known as exudates, that they obtain from trees and vines. These exudates constitute a significant source of calcium, as well as protein, and carbohydrates. Wild Pygmy Marmosets are omnivores, meaning that in addition to fruits, other plant parts, and even small amounts of insects and other arthropods, they will consume these foods. It has been documented that wild Pygmy Marmosets will consume small reptiles on occasion.

The elongated, sharp incisors and claw-like nails of the pygmy marmoset are adaptations to the very specific diet of the pygmy marmoset, which consists of gums and other exudates. These adaptations allow the pygmy marmoset to survive in its natural environment. They will spend the majority of their time using their pointed lower teeth to bore holes into trees, and then they will gorge themselves on the gum, sap, resin, or latex that is exuded from the holes they have made.

The diet of a marmoset also includes a significant amount of insects; marmosets particularly enjoy eating grasshoppers. Pygmy Marmosets forage for food in the crown foliage of trees, which is located about 15 meters off the ground. They look for prey such as spiders, butterflies, moths, and beetles in vine tangles and vegetation. They will spend approximately sixty percent of their time chewing gum and other exudates, and approximately sixteen percent of their time searching for food in the form of insects.

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