About US

Breeding finger monkeys has brought my family and i very close. Finger marmoset monkeys are very smart, intelligent and make great companions. They have beautiful eyes and an adorable looking face. It is from there we derived the name of our website “Tiny Happy Faces, the home of finger monkeys. We breed our babies from home so if you are on the search for finger monkeys for sale. Or, if you are just looking to know more about our finger monkeys, you can pay us a visit.

My family and i are devoted and love what we do which makes it all very easy. When we first started, we only sold our finger monkeys to our local community and a few cities close by. But we noticed so many people from other states really loved our finger monkeys and wanted to get one. Sad thing is we were not open to delivery and that was mainly because we were very scared and did not want any harm to come upon our babies. We however did take about a year to do a lot of research on how shipping works and the possible things that could go wrong. Only then did we realize it was actually very safe and we had nothing to worry about. Now we pride ourselves making so many people happy across the country with the joy of owning a finger monkey. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Also check our this amazing post we did on cheap finger monkeys for sale.