Top Places to Buy a Finger Monkey (Texas & Florida, USA)

Are you looking for a finger monkey or pygmy marmoset? In the following, I list some breeders you can buy finger monkeys from them.

Finger Monkeys may be purchased in several places around the United States. If your nation or state allows the purchase of primates, you may purchase one gorgeous pygmy marmoset from the information supplied below.

Finger Monkey for Sale In Texas, US

  • Janda Exotics

It is a company that provides finger monkeys for sale in San Marcos, Texas.


Phone Number: (210) 241-1856

Address: PO Box 519San Marcos, Texas 78667

Finger Monkey Info in Janda Exotics:

  1. 8 weeks of age Hand-reared marmoset monkey infants for sale, immunized and healthy.
  2. They supply a sample of feeding supplies.
  3. Finger monkey cost: $2500
  4. The cost of owning a finger monkey is around $200-$400, which includes the nutrition, cage, clothes, toys, and so on.

Finger Monkey breeders Info:

Angel Duncan, a Texas-based finger monkey breeder, has dedicated her life to caring for and rearing exotic pets. Their purpose is to exhibit profound love and care for all animals and to share it with others. She spent 10 years practicing with many species, so you can trust that she will assist you in finding the perfect pet for you. As a result, on her website, you will not only discover the pet you are looking for, but also information on pygmy marmosets.

She was interviewed by Critter magazine, the Texas State University newspaper, Pets 101, and other publications. The most crucial advantage of their service is that they are licensed by the US Department of Agriculture and have Texas Parks and Wildlife permits and licenses.

Other Animals They Also Sell:

They also sell mini pigs, hedgehogs, spotted genet, kinkajou and so on.

You can find more info on this page:

Finger monkey for sale in Florida, US

  • Poggis Animal House



11365 Earnest Boulevard

Davie, Florida 33325


Phone: 954.708.9441

Finger Monkey Breeder Info:

Michael Poggi is a dedicated animal breeder with over 30 years of experience growing various animals. He has assisted with several avian and land animal rescues and treatments as a member of US Fish and Wildlife. Furthermore, he has been nurturing the injured and homeless animals at his own expense. All of his previous expertise qualifies him as an expert in practically all primates, birds, huge exotic cats, and almost all known mammals. Aside from all of this, he has spent a significant amount of time working as an assistant veterinarian at several institutions, making him a true specialist in animal rehabilitation.

Michael Poggi, a passionate animal lover and breeder, has also been gathering all information on exotic animals in order to educate more and more people on the necessity of wildlife conservation.

Finger Monkey Info:

Pet marmoset monkeys for sale are available at any time and for as long as you need them. If these charming and cute creatures are nurtured properly and healthfully, they may live for nearly 20 years. Without a doubt, acquiring your own marmoset monkey might be an excellent choice for a dependable pet and loyal friend. Please contact us for additional information. In general, the price for both boys and girls is roughly $2,800.

If you are a buyer from another country and would want to export a monkey, please contact us for more particular information such as shipping arrangements and shipping requirements, since they may vary. In other words, the destination determines the shipment arrangement and conditions. Please contact us to confirm the final shipment plan for better transportation!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Poggi’s Animal House at 954.708.9441 or fill out the form below. Your phone number and other contact information are much welcomed for our prompt response.

  • CJG Exotics


Phone: 617-947-0058

Name: Chris Godino


Finger Monkey Breeders Info:

CJG Exotics has been serving the exotic animal sector for over ten years and is divided into three divisions: zoos, zoological facilities, and wildlife instructors. With several tests and years of expertise working with animals, we are delighted to be the authority in providing exotic wildlife of the best quality. We are glad to announce that our CJG Exotics has the most advanced personal knowledge of exotic wildlife, and we are confident to declare that we can give the most appropriate recommendations and assistance in species selection that will perfectly fit into any wildlife program or display setting.

CJG Exotics, a well-known and fully licensed cooperative, has gained a name and authoritative standing in the selling of exotic animals over the past 10 years for both quick delivery and cheap pricing. CJG Exotics has worked with most of the world’s recognized wildlife facilities, major zoos across the globe, aquariums, educational institutions, and even entertainment venues in order to be the top firm in this animal selling market. Aside from that, we recruit some national superstars for better reputation guarantee and some well-known professional animal actors for better comprehension from the general people throughout the whole country. CJG Exotics may also be trusted by genuine pet breeders since we have a meticulous track record of locating the most uncommon and distinctive exotic species of high quality. More particularly, we have access to all of the necessary data on exotic animals not just in our nation but also throughout the globe. As a USDA-registered facility and a state-licensed professional animal dealer, we are skilled at locating the most appropriate animals at the greatest price and quality for you. Please enquire if you are searching for anything unique. We are glad to declare that we can give you any unique animals you choose, as long as they are legal and accessible in the United States. Even if we do not already have them in our breeding program, we may purchase them via our nationwide network.

  • Exotic Pets & More, Inc


Finger Monkey Breeder Name: Deborah

Phone: 561-691-4738

Address:  Located in Palm Beach Gardens

Company Info:  

Exotic Pets & More, Inc. is a well-known USDA, USDI, and FWC private breeding firm located on about 10 acres in beautiful South Florida. We have faith in the animals we produce and care for because we want to ensure that our clients get only the healthiest creatures. To achieve this aim, all of our infant animals are meticulously cared for on a regular basis so that when pet owners return them to their new homes, they can adjust more easily than those from other firms. We provide our clients with three of the greatest support systems in the market. Best pricing guarantees that ordinary people can afford to buy a pet; best quality ensures that the animals can quickly adjust to their new habitat; and best service provides expert advice and suggestions after-sales, which may substantially assist the customer with animal upbringing.

Other animal facts:

We now have Common and Penscillata Marmosets, Goeffrey Marmosets, Cotton Top Tamarins, Red Handed Tamarins, Northern Tamanduas, and four distinct types of Lemurs in our program.

Owl Monkeys may be accessible in the near future if required. If you have any more queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hand-fed newborn ones are now available at the greatest price of $2,000.00 for each male or female.

  • Monkey Mom


Contact Info: For more information contact Chris by our hotline at 954 529-8144


Address: Davie, FL.

Monkey Info:

Cotton-top tamarin boy is priced at $3500.00.

The price of baby white tufted marmosets with short and tight ear tufts is $2000.00.

The price of a baby red-handed tamarin is $3500.00.

Baby owl monkeys would cost $6000.00 for a male and $6500.00 for a girl.

Baby Brazilian tufted capuchins are offered for $7500.00 male and $8000.00 female.

A two-year-old black and white capuchin female might be offered for $6500.00.

Finger Monkey Breeders Info:

With a lengthy history of more than 20 years and a location in South Florida, our organization is both USDA and FWC certified. A suitable site could give the ideal growing environment for the animals, competent personnel could ensure the pets are all well cared for and ready for new homes, and service after the sale could assist you with improved breeding. Our ultimate objective has always been to provide the finest pricing, quality, and service, and we want to continue doing so. What are you waiting for? Simply contact us for additional information.

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 🥰 This large double unit cage has three ramps, ramp covers, and two resting shelves. It is easier to clean the cage interior with removable base pans and double doors. Click the link to see different story options for your pet.

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 🥰 This dried sweet tamarind is convenient as it comes without the shell and seed. It is also natural and fresh! Check out the reviews to see if you want to feed your finger monkey this fruit rich in magnesium and calcium.

 🥰 This small animal playpen is perfect for your finger monkey pet to be closer to nature. It has space to put treats, litter box and more. Click to see the video.


🥰 This Maize Flakes Cereal is organic and healthy with ingredients from sprouted oatmeal, which is high in protein. This is perfect for your finger monkey’s diet! Click the link to see other cereal options.

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