Training Capuchin Monkey: Easy Commands to Teach Your Pet

The young Capuchin can be seen in the video that can be found above. This monkey is still in the early stages of learning the basics, as it is essentially still a baby. This is only the beginning of her education, as it will take approximately ten years to fully educate her. If you take the advice and suggestions from up above, you will be well on your way to successfully training your very own exotic pet monkey. These are just some fundamental commands and tips, but they should serve as a good foundation for getting started.

Some easy tricks to teach to your baby Capuchin monkey. 

These are some of the more fundamental commands to teach, and you ought to make it a point to ensure that your student has a firm grasp on these fundamental commands before moving on to more advanced ones.

First, I instructed my monkey in how to stand on his hind legs. To accomplish this, I took a small treat in my hand and held it above her head. This worked perfectly. I greeted her with a “good” once she had stood up to reach it (similar to training a dog or other pet, you need to do something akin to clicker and praise training). Explain to her that what they are doing is beneficial and will lead to a reward in the future.

After she had been praised for standing a few times, I began to give her the command “stand” while simultaneously making the sign with my hand. At the same time, she began to stand up on her own. A similar command, “walk,” was carried out by positioning the treat just beyond her grasp and encouraging her to take a few steps forward in response to the command. In the same way that you did when you told her to “stand,” make sure to praise her and introduce her to the words. Continue doing this until they begin to take a greater number of steps. They will start to walk and then eventually run on their hind legs at some point in the future. Following the completion of the training, they will be able to walk for several hundred feet without experiencing any difficulty or strain.

You will eventually be able to learn commands that are more difficult.
It is important to keep in mind that owning a Capuchin, Spider, or Finger monkey requires a significant commitment of time and energy. These are animals that live for very long periods of time. It is the equivalent of having custody of a human child aged three years old for the next thirty to fifty years.

I’m going to assume that you haven’t made up your mind about whether or not you want to get a strange pet yet. Find reputable breeders in the area and check that they are operating within the law. They frequently call for the possession of specific licenses and certifications. They are not inexpensive pets, nor are they simple to care for. You have been put on notice!

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