Tips for Purchasing a Monkey From Breeder or Animal Shelter

Stay away from the cons! Discover that elusive Spider Monkey that has always been eluding you and is now available for purchase. Purchase from breeders who have a good reputation and are known for providing a healthy environment for their animals while they are being raised.

Because consumers are not going to stop buying primates, regardless of how much negative feedback they receive or how many times others try to dissuade them from their decision to do so. Breeders are going to exist, and owners are going to be able to locate them. My objective is not to put an end to the trade in monkeys; rather, I want to teach people who might be interested in adopting one how to properly look after a capuchin, spider, or finger monkey so that they remain in good health and are free from harm. I do my best to respond to people’s inquiries regarding any and all aspects of primate ownership, and if I am unable to do so, I try to point them in the direction of someone who is either more experienced or more knowledgeable in the subject matter. Even though I am still a novice when it comes to juvenile primates, I am willing to share what I have experienced and what I have learned.

Before you buy a primate, there are a few things you should do, as well as some guidelines to follow regarding where you should get your primate from and who you should buy it from:

  1. Your first option should be to purchase the pet from a breeder or an animal shelter directly. Not only will this make it possible for you to obtain a comprehensive history of the infant or young monkey, but it will also ensure that you are aware of its ancestry (usually). Be aware that many sellers and breeders will tell you lies in the hopes of convincing you to purchase their products.
  2. A USDA License is a requirement. This safeguards not only the monkey but also you, and it also complies with the law.

Is the breeder licensed with the USDA? You and the primate both need to be protected in this manner, and doing so is required by the law.

  1. Ask Questions! Are they able to provide you with information regarding the care of monkeys, as well as their nutrition, diet, and the various breeds of monkeys? If not… Stay away from it!
  2. Have you been informed by the breeder or shelter that monkeys require a significant amount of care, responsibility, and social interaction?
  3. Are they trying to close the deal quickly? Or perhaps giving you pause for thought? If a breeder is aggressively trying to close a deal, their only motivation is financial gain.
  4. Keeping capuchin monkeys may require a commitment of up to 45 years!

I really hope that this information is helpful to potential owners who are looking for a primate. If you do choose to get one, I hope you have much success in your endeavor and that you enjoy many years of happiness together. It is of the utmost importance that you educate yourself before you get a primate, and it is equally as important that you continue your education throughout the entirety of your primate’s life. I cannot emphasize this point enough.

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