3 Commonly Kept Primate Species In The US


One of the smallest monkeys in the world is the common marmoset, which is also one of the best monkeys to keep as a pet. They are very cute, but they have very particular requirements that must be met and cared for. If it is not properly cared for, the monkey has the potential to become cunning, hazardous, and unhealthy. The care that a pet monkey requires is significantly more involved than that of a “normal” pet.

There are numerous species of monkeys.

The marmoset is one of the smallest members of the primate family and is also a member of that family. They can be a little bit of a mess, but they are also teachable (somewhat). As a result of the potent and distinctive odor of their urine, they almost always need to wear diapers. These monkeys mark their territory by rubbing their scent all over the surrounding objects. They are a species that possesses a high level of intelligence and have a significant need for both mental and physical stimulation. It would be ideal if there was either another monkey present or a large number of toys and other things that it could play with. Expect to spend a significant amount of time with the monkey if you do not have a companion because this interaction is necessary.

They are bright, and their minds require constant stimulation. Toys can be used to supplement interaction, but if a marmoset is kept by itself as a pet, it will come to rely on the human family to take the place of its natural family group.

It is unreasonable to anticipate “good behavior” from monkeys. If they are confined to a small space all day long with little to no opportunity for interaction, they will experience feelings of boredom and unhappiness. It is imperative that a play area or a tall outdoor enclosure be provided for them in which they can climb high, just as they would if they were living in the wild. These are the kinds of animals that are never truly content unless their psychological and social requirements are met. They require the feeling of being loved and protected because they are a highly social animal. They are NOT felines, canines, hamsters, birds, or any other kind of animal. They are extremely complicated animals, each with their own unique set of requirements, as well as a high level of intelligence and a long life span.
Due to their diminutive size, these monkeys are also known as Pygmy Marmosets, Finger Monkeys, and Pocket Monkeys.

In addition to that, they are very cute.

Capuchin Monkey

Capuchin monkey of the male gender

The capuchin monkey is indigenous to Central and South America, where it lives in communities of ten to thirty members and is known for its exceptional intelligence, social behavior, and territorial behavior. It is said that they are among the most intelligent of all monkeys because they spend the majority of their day hanging from trees while searching for food. Unfortunately, they also urinate on their territory in order to mark it as their own. They really enjoy going from one tree to the next while swinging. They have a great deal of energy for play, and in order for them to be content, they require a sizable amount of space.

The majority of capuchin monkeys wear diapers for their entire lives due to the fact that they have a strong urge to spray their potently scented urine everywhere they go. They are frequently restrained by leashes both inside and outside of the house. They are typically dressed up as furry human babies and treated in the same manner, including being fed from bottles. They have a life expectancy of 35 to 40 years, and they can gain up to 4 pounds if they are properly raised and cared for. They have the potential to be highly trained animals that can work as service animals.

These monkeys don’t eat flowers or other plants; they only consume wild fruits, nuts, and birds. It will be challenging to recreate this diet in captivity, and as a result, capuchin monkeys in captivity frequently suffer from poor nutrition.

Squirrel Monkey

The size of the squirrel monkey is relatively modest, although males tend to be larger than females. In the wild, they consume things such as flowers, leaves, buds knots in sacks, lizards, and eggs. On average, they reach a height of approximately 14 inches and weigh approximately 2 pounds. They communicate with one another using a variety of different noises across different complex social troops. A are extremely social and move around noisily in the trees in large groups, usually consisting of around 40 or 50 individuals, but some have been seen to contain as many as 500. They are incredibly athletic and agile, in addition to being very good at climbing trees. They have very supple hands and feet, which contribute to their excellent balance. They have a lifespan of approximately 15 years in the wild but can reach up to 30 years when kept in captivity, similar to capuchin monkeys. Because these creatures enjoy making a mess everywhere they go with their extremely pungent urine, we will have to make them wear diapers.

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