Best Florida Breeder to Purchase Exotic Monkeys

Any monkey up for sale can be delivered anywhere in the world, including all 50 states in the United States. It is recommended that you arrange for pick-up, so make every effort to do so.

You have arrived at the right location if you are interested in purchasing or adopting a Capuchin monkey in any capacity. We have located the ideal breeder for you, who can provide you with Cotton Top Tamarins, Red Handed, Golden Handed, Common Marmosets, Pygmy Marmosets, and even more! It is said that their expertise lies in the breeding and care of pygmy finger monkeys. Despite this, there are still a great deal of accessories, cages, and toys on the market that you can purchase for your monkey.

Make it a rule that you will never buy an exotic animal from a breeder who is not certified. Ideally, you should look for an animal that has been rescued, as there are many of these animals, and they need to be adopted by someone
Despite this, the best place to look for certified breeders is through the USDA or through the certifications offered by local states. Make sure that the breeder is actually interested in educating you in the correct manner about the care and long-term commitment required for these incredible animals. They are difficult to keep as pets and, on average, live for about 40 years. Don’t let that slip your mind!

This breeder ensures that all of the animals they sell are healthy and up to date on their vaccinations. They are nurtured by human hands and fed through a bottle. They are extremely well socialized and have been around people as well as other animals; consequently, they are ideal candidates for an immediate introduction into your household. These primates were brought up in a caring and humane environment, and as a result, they have a good disposition. If you continue to take care of them, they will reward you by being the best pets you have ever owned, if not the best pets anyone has ever owned.

Name: Poggi’s Animal House Website:
Phone: (954) 708-9441
State: Florida
If you are interested in purchasing a capuchin monkey, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can tell you more about the primates that are currently under our care. Will instruct you in the care of, as well as train you in the handling of, your infant. Our baby monkeys are raised by hand and are given bottle feedings. BABY BLACK CAP CAPUCHINS AVAILABLE TO BE PURCHASED FOR $8500.00

The prospect of getting a new exotic monkey like a baby marmoset or a capuchin monkey as a member of one’s family can be an exciting one that gets everyone involved excited and looking forward to the arrival of the new family member. You can add a new member to the family with only a modest amount of effort and some careful preparation on your part. You should be aware that these animals have complex emotional lives, as well as social requirements and personalities, because they are closely related to humans. They exhibit genuine feelings of attachment, joy, and happiness and are very similar to humans in appearance. We are able to instruct you on everything there is to know about keeping an exotic monkey such as a marmoset, capuchin, finger, or pygmy monkey. The following is some information regarding the keeping of monkeys. To begin, it is of the utmost significance that your brand-new pet monkey consumes an appropriate diet that contains the appropriate quantity of nutrients, as well as those nutrients in the appropriate portions and volume. They need to consume the appropriate amount of food, neither too much nor too little. It’s common knowledge that monkeys will throw away uneaten food and play with scraps of it. It is recommended that you feed your pets food that is of a commercial grade and specifically designed for monkeys. Examples of this type of food include canned dry fruits and diets designed specifically for monkeys. Because different breeds require different kinds of food, it is essential to keep this fact in mind. You might choose to give your pets some fresh fruits on occasion, such as a few apple slices, a few banana slices, or some nuts; however, you should be careful about the portion size and control.

It is important to refrain from giving monkeys any candy, dairy products, or other types of sweets. Avoid giving your pet any foods that contain iron, such as certain cereals intended for human consumption.

“Please get in touch with us as soon as possible if you are interested in purchasing a capuchin monkey. We would be happy to tell you more about the primates that are presently under our care. Will instruct you in the care of, as well as train you in the handling of, your infant. Our baby monkeys are raised by hand and are given bottle feedings. FOR SALE – BABY BLACK CAP CAPUCHINS – $850.00”

In addition to the items listed here, we also have Baby Common Marmosets that are currently available right now. FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY, the price is $4,900.00 without shipping, and the starter kits cost $300.00. GREAT NEWS! We do not sell or ship anything outside of the United States in any way, shape, or form. Shipping is now only $800 to any major airport that accepts live cargo.

   😍 These are must-have items such as small animal cages, cage accessory and food for Finger Monkey pet owners, maybe you need them too? Click images & check them out!

 🥰 This large double unit cage has three ramps, ramp covers, and two resting shelves. It is easier to clean the cage interior with removable base pans and double doors. Click the link to see different story options for your pet.

🥰 For the finger monkey diet, you can feed them these fresh unsalted cashews. As much as I enjoy these good-quality cashews, my finger monkey pet does too. Check out if your pet will like it too.

🥰 These cage accessories go with the large double unit cage! They are shelf, pan and ramp covers that are easily removable and washable in the machine. Click the link to check their color options.

 🥰 This dried sweet tamarind is convenient as it comes without the shell and seed. It is also natural and fresh! Check out the reviews to see if you want to feed your finger monkey this fruit rich in magnesium and calcium.

 🥰 This small animal playpen is perfect for your finger monkey pet to be closer to nature. It has space to put treats, litter box and more. Click to see the video.


🥰 This Maize Flakes Cereal is organic and healthy with ingredients from sprouted oatmeal, which is high in protein. This is perfect for your finger monkey’s diet! Click the link to see other cereal options.

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