Tips for Marmoset Housing & Environmental Settings


Marmosets, despite their small size, require a relatively large area to live in. The minimum dimensions required are a height of 2 meters, a depth of 1 meter, and a width of 6 feet (2 metres). Marmosets live in trees, so having a wide body is essential to their survival. It’s simple: the bigger it is, the better it is!!!!
If at all possible, create outdoor enclosures in addition to an indoor cage that is heated.
They can easily pass a number of hours investigating their own home. When kept in captivity, many marmosets, like monkeys in general, exhibit signs of boredom. Therefore, make use of a wide variety of things in their home.
Outdoor: Branches
Grass floors
Branches are found inside.
Sawdust, peat, or wood chip floors are the three best options.
Nesting box made of wood, measuring 28 by 22 by 26 centimeters, with a diameter entrance hole measuring 10 centimeters.

Alter the conditions of their environment on a regular basis.

You have one week per month to clean the indoor cages. Since marmosets are constantly scentmarking their home, it is essential that you do not sterilize their enclosure all at once. Alternate between cleaning the nestbox and the rest of the cage. When cleaning their cage, use a disinfectant that is on the gentle side.
In indoor cages, they require a temperature between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius (use also heat lamps). During the hot summer months, you should make sure that any outdoor cages have adequate shade.
The ideal level of humidity lies between 40 and 60 percent. Peat (floor) that has been moistened can be used to keep the relative humidity at a high level.

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