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We had our finger monkeys delivered to us this evening. Thank you so much for all the help. It has always been our dream to own a finger monkey, we are really very grateful

Tina and Malcom

I must say, this has been an amazing experience. I am just so lucky for the fact i stumbled on your website. There is just so much to thank you for! thanks for letting me come over for a visit and realy taking out time to explain to me how owning a finger monkey looks like. I just can’t wait to take cute photos of my little baboo and i. He has the cutest eyes and is so tiny and lovely, thanks a million.


Having our little micky home is just so nice. She loves to play a lot. Was a little timid when we first arrived home but once she got used to the environment and everyone home it all changed. It is so nice having her around.


Zoey is a charming little angel. My 9 year old son is so much in love with her and would not stop talking about her at school. They have both bonded so well and it really makes me so happy everytime i watch them play. All thanks to Tiny Happy Faces. You sure made my son happy!

Sophia Monroe

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