If you are thinking of buying a finger monkey. Surely you must have asked yourself this question. “Are finger monkeys good pets” Well in this post, we are going to look at the good and bad sides of owning pygmy marmoset monkey. Then, we will conclude whether or not finger monkeys make great pets.

are finger monkeys great pets
Are finger monkeys great pets?

The Up and Downsides Of Owning A Finger Monkey ( Are Finger Monkeys Great Pets)

Firstly we will look at the advantages of owning a finger. That is, some of the things which makes finger monkeys to be very good pets.

The Upsides Of Owning A Finger Monkey

They Are Rare

Since finger monkeys are very rare, it is not everywhere you go which you will find someone who owns a finger monkeys. When compared to other pets such as cats or dogs, 8 our it every 10 homes own a dog. Since finger monkeys are rare, they always pull much attention towards them. This gives their owner some sort of prestige.

Finger Monkeys They Make The Best Companions

As tiny as they are, finger monkeys have a very big heart and do get attached to their owners. This adds up to why they are so precious and the best pets.

They Are Smart

Finger monkeys are very smart, apart from being extremely cute and are very tiny. Their cute little body and head is just so adorable. They might learn a few tricks and are fun to be with. Since they will play so much until they get exhausted lol.

They Are Easy To Care For ( Are Finger Monkey Great Pets?)

When you own a finger monkeys and get used to having one around, you will understand how easy it is to care for one. Firstly, you only need to feed them at least twice a day or once a day. It could either be in the morning before 9:00am or in the evening before 6:00pm.

The Downsides Of Owning A Finger Monkey

They Are Very Tiny

Since they are very tiny, this makes them to be very fragile and once could accidentally sit on them, or they might crawl up in your bed while you are asleep and you role over on them. This sometimes might be a challenge. You might need to monitor how your kids play with them to ensure that they do not hurt them. Most especially, if you know your children often like to play roughly.

It Might Be Costly To Take Care Of

To own a finger monkey will mean that you need to set aside a budget to take care of the baby. It might go up to $500 per month or less if you want to take proper care of the finger monkey. However, although with $300 you can be sure that your pygmy monkey gets an appropriate diet.

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